Monday, January 10, 2011

more Christmas!

Caden couldn't resist and had to get out and play in the snow with the backhoe of course! We also did some sledding but phew that was exhausting. We had fun, but over 10inches of snow makes it hard for a 2yr old to walk around! 10+ inches of snow = tired mommy
Nia was so happy with all the snow!
Sammy and Caden were constantly fighting over this huge gorilla at my parents house. Sam was in heaven when she got to sit in his lap and suck on her thumb! Thank goodness that thing didn't come home with us!
Our funny little bean
sneaky baby slipped out of my hands during a changing, just had to get a pic. Love the look with the striped socks and dipe. too funny!
Cute little Charlie is coming into his own now. His personality is really starting to show a bit. It is funny to watch him while the other three are running around and yelling. He isn't quite sure who to look at, but he cannot stop watching them.
Best pic I could get of 4 out of the 5 grandkids
Caden (28mths), Joey(33mths), Charlie(7mths), Samantha(13mths)
little reindeer getting ready for tuba Christmas
Charlie and Joe at Tuba Christmas
Tuba Christmas is something that we went to when we were little tikes and we were able to take the kids while we were up there this year. As you can see in the photo below, there are a lot of tubas (and variations of the tuba family) that get together at EJ Thomas Hall and play Christmas carols. It is great also, because most of the musicians decorate their instruments with lights and wreaths. So much fun! I think they really liked it, but next year will be even better.
a little video of tuba xmas
Aunt Marie and Joey
Papa Joe cornered some young tuba player and was able to get the boys up close to see his tuba and hear him play!
Santa Sammy
Gigi with Caden and Joey

Sammy (Cindy Loo-Who) had more fun climbing on the presents than she did opening them!
The boys tickling papa Joe
my new niece Natalie Marie Warmus was born on 12/8/10
Jen and Brian are such great parents already. She is a lucky little girl.
She is so cute and has a full head of dark hair, just like her mama did when she was born!

While up visiting my family, we had the LaGuardia side Christmas party at the family property. It was great because we were even able to have mass out there before lunch
Sammy post candy cane!
The kids have been crazy about candy canes this xmas.

more to come soon...

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