Friday, January 21, 2011

More of December...

Caden sporting sweatbands

Mark did a wonderful job making toy chests for the kids and I don't know if I ever posted anything on them. He just recently had name plates made as well. The kids (and I) love to put the toys away in them! Every time Sammy opens them up it is like Christmas all over again!
Sammy visits Overfield
Big brother was showing her how to feed the fish.

Caden putting peanut butter on the pinecones for the birds
Papa Joe and Natalie (first meeting) the 5th grandchild
Sammy and Joey sledding at Joe's house
Papa Joe and the lobster! Her boots wouldn't stay on, and then Molly (dog) kept pulling the orange gloves off like it was a game!
Gigi, Caden and Sammy sledding
Gingerbread house neighborhood
Next year should be a little easier.

Little drummer girl
Caden and Gigi making gingerbread cookies, he actually did really good helping!

Sammy and Nia checking out the snow and squirrels
She loves her Nia
My parents have a really neat clay art piece that is displayed in their cabinet. It is an Indian woman sitting down with about 12 kids/people all around her, the whole thing only sits about 8-10inches high. She has been dubbed the "storyteller". So now when we are up there, Caden and Joey always ask Papa Joe for a story and it is absolutely amazing the creative stories that he comes up with! And usually the stories have some sort of indian dance that goes along with it, like you see below. Enjoy!


Cris said...

adoro crianças, são muito lindos seu bebes. visite meu blog

Marshall Lynch said...

very nice photos,i love the picture when the little boy is making a gingerbread cute.

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