Monday, January 17, 2011

What to do with all the Christmas cards?

Not sure if I wrote about this last year or the year before, but thought I would post a creative idea. If you are like us, we are getting more and more picture Christmas cards every year. Instead of throwing those pics out I found a creative idea online a couple years ago.
Now she did this a little more perfect than mine turned out, but I am not going for perfection here.
Scissors worked just fine for me. (She has a lot of other neat ideas on her blog as well!)

1. Cut out the pictures, some text and the year also...anything that is special to you.
2. Use two pieces of large holiday scrapbook paper facing opposite directions (used wrapping paper the first year, but the scrapbook paper is a little easier)
3. Place photos, text and the year if you can find it on a card(fun to look back)
4. Put tape on back of objects to hold them in place, plus then you can move them around easier
5. Take to Staples or other office supply store that can laminate. (Had Staple
s use their thickest laminate and run through two times)
6. Enjoy for years to come!
The kids love looking at all the pictures and plus they can practice the names of their friends and family!

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