Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bed bugs...yeah thats what I have

A short note from your friendly nurse.

If you find yourself with red spots that don't itch primarily on your face, arms, and neck they are pretty much one of two things....either bed bugs or flea bites. What we have here are bed bugs....they are contracted from a room that is a little too yuck. They can also spread from bed to bed when you sleep in close quarters...i.e. four people in a room with two twin beds and a double bed. All beds touching one another...picture sardines in a can. Also not helped by using a small, thin, paper towel-like towel as a bath towel....very small, surprisingly absorbant, but not great. We (Joe, Amy, Brian, and Jen) only stayed truly sardine style for one night. One unforgettable, very, very loud night, with mosquitos buzzing around our heads and earplugs trying to drown out the street noise...bella.

By the way it takes approximately 5 days for bed bug bites to begin to fade.....they are fire red until then...fantastico...especially when you have about 12 bites on your face....bella

Thank you for your time

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