Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Roma, roma, roma

Hello all...marie and binger here...
We just left Rome yesterday with a ton of great memories. I think we have perfected the art of gelati consumption and drowned ourselves in vino and birra. The sites in Rome were even more beautiful and amazing than we remember. If coming to Rome you MUST do a tour of St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican....can you believe the letters around the dome in St. Peter's are 15 feet high!! We also did a tour of Palatine Hill...and had a fantastic tour guide (Marie) for the Forum. It is pretty crazy to think that it took until the 20th century for them to excavate the Forum!
Brian and I saw Castel San Angelo which was a fortress for the popes when they were under attack...lots of cool things and medieval weapons. Mark and Marie went back to the Forum to do a reshoot of the area with the camera and then we went to St Peter in Chains. The hotel we stayed at was wonderful and centrally located to everything we wanted to see....very very good choice. Except, mark and marie had a combination shower, toilet, sink room...meaning you could quite literally go to the bathroom while showering and brushing your teeth:)
We celebrated Marie's birthday in Rome at the only Mexican restaurant where no one else eats and the margaritas are so strong that I think Brian and Marie almost cried. The service was in the pooper so we downed our margaritas and mojitos and went on to the next place. A little pub crawl if you will. We ate dinner at a restaurant called the Old Bear, lots of old wood and dark corners, but fantastic food. Without a reservation we had to eat and run, very quickly. On to the next place...Played some darts at another bar, then mark tried to take some Indian dude on at darts, little did gullable mark know that he was a dart-shark;) Enough...on to a Enoteca (wine bar) by our hotel where Brian danced around all of us and we almost got kicked out. I guess you can say that the stupid americans were the entertainment for the bar! home at last.
We should have stated in the beginning about the most annoying part of Roma...the Indian guys who bother you every 5 minutes to see if you want a flour-filled balloons with stupid faces, chinese magnetic rocks that make way too much noise, and then at night they have flying glow in the dark toys...none of which we want! No, No, No is the response. And no, we don't want to pay for roses they were trying to give us for free.
Anyways...the Trevi Fountain at night is beautiful. The only disappointment was that no one fell in the fountain, we hoped and wished, but it just didn't happen. But we did see a bum who had an extendable antenna looking thing with a magnet on the end that he used to steal coins from the fountain. (....These are peoples wishes...but this one...this was my wish...and it didn't come true...i'm taking it back...i'm taking them all back. "Mouth from Goonies")


Marie and Binger

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I loved Roma, I got some great tips for travling there over here.