Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sorrento, Sant Agnello and Capri

good afternoon to all of you in the states!
Our time in Sorrento has been sunny and beautiful! Thank god that the rain stopped following us in Rome. We took a 2 hour train and then 1 hour train ride afterwards to get to the Amalfi Coast area, mostly we were looking for Sorrento and our hotel, the Esperidi Resort in Sorrento. As we exit the very small train station, we come to realize that our hotel is actually in the neighboring town of Sant Agnello. So we wait for the bus, when it doesn't show at the scheduled time, we get back on the train before our tickets expire and go one stop back to Sant Agnello. Now we are in the right town and have no idea where to go. We start walking and begin to find road names...ones that are not on our map that we have. excellent! We come across some tourists from Germany that try to help us and then they realize that they are actually staying at the same hotel as us! Wonderful. The streets become a little more beautiful and less busy then the downtown square, and lemon and orange trees are everywhere! What a sight! Esperidi hotel, we have arrived at last. It is also the host of a cooking school which is fabulous as we come to find out! (yum) We settle in and check out our surroundings. On we go to find some food. We start walking toward the water to find a ristorante. As we walk we are suddenly aware of all the dog poop on the sidewalks, "Watch out for that poo"! Ha Ha...and then bang! A loud noise catches us off it a gun or fireworks or what? Then we hear some mopeds and then BANG!!! Even louder, we all duck, not sure what the heck is going on. Turns out is was some sort of Snap firework that resulted in us all having to change our pants.. just kiddding. After our hearts settled back down, we made it to a ristorante right on the water that overlooked Sorrento! The horizon is beautiful with only a few boats and the view of the mountain towns that wrap around each valley. How did they ever build those houses? Tony (how fitting) seats us at a table and we begin to drink vino and wonderful appetizers. The meal is amazing and so are Tony's stories of the Russian mafia and an old house on the coast. Very interesting. The clams and mussels as well as the risotto and fettucine fill our bellies. Wonderful dinner, thank you Mom and Dad!! Time to head back home and we stop at a Bistro that has outdoor seating and huge beers (birras). We sit for awhile and listen to the Live Divas concert circa 2004 with some famous US singers...everyone is singing the Celine Dion song from the Titantic...hmmm. back to camp we go! Our rooms are of, no bed bugs so far. But they are basically glorified trailers, I mean chalets. We have personal bathrooms and showers (with hot water and shower curtains) and also mini kitchens that would make some NYC studios jealous. Loverly. Especially, because the pool is open and the restaurant is unbelievable and walking amidst the orange-lemon trees is not half bad. Internet station and plasma tvs in the meeting area balance out the very modern decorations. We love it here! Tuesday, 5/8: We go to Capri (Ka-Pree). One helluva walk, about 30 mins or so, and a lot of stairs and finally we are at the boat dock. Only to find out that our 10:45am boat has already left or maybe didn't even run today. Noone seems to know. Interesting. But anyways...we get on the next boat out to Capri and arrive with the rest of the tourists . Every 30 mins a new boat comes to drop off about 100 tourists on this island and seems that they never leave. First we decide to go swimming in the sea, and we head over to the very rocky beach with the locals and go in the extremely cold water. Go in with a smile and come out with goosebumps... but they don't seem to think it is that cold. How is that? We soak up some sun, read a little bit and then off we go... back to the restaurants for some pizza marguerita and gelati. We figure we have to eat as much gelati as we can before we have to go back to American icecream. for those of you that have been to Italy, you know what I mean. After eating, we do as the lemmings do and take the funicular car up to the town and overpriced shops to see the exquisite views and take wonderful pictures. We hope to see someone famous, but only see people flaunting their money instead, and $42,000 bracelets...yeah you read that right! Down we go on the funicular and off back to Sorrento's docks. Thank you Capri, although we decided not to see the Blue Grotto, we enjoyed your sites, people watching and swimming. ciao bella! Marie

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