Friday, May 11, 2007


We are taking off today, but I wanted to backlog some of the days that I missed recently. I hope everyone has enjoyed following us on our journey, thanks for your comments. We will be back in the states Friday evening around 10pm. See you all soon! We look forward to our everyday simplicities, ie: bigger showers, regular toilets, understanding menus and people that speak english. See you soon!

On Wednesday, we made it over to Positano. A town that is down the Amalfi coast from Sorrento/Sant Agnello. We decided to take the bus ride there and then once everyone was scared to their core from the tight corners and heights, we decided to take the boat back. Good choice. You cannot believe the small bus that we were on and for 30 mins, all you heard was the driver honking (similar to a clown horn) before he went around every corner. The turns are so tight they need to warn each other. Very exciting, since we look out the window and realize that we are a few 100 feet up the steep rocky cliffs...just a little scary. Anyways...we get off at the stop for Positano and the climb begins. At least this time, we are climbing down. We find a narrow path of stairs and begin our descent. After about 20 mins, we are half way! Just keep on moving down , more stairs, and little restaurants and hotels-B&B's that are tucked away in these corners. I am glad that we are not staying at one of these places...we would never find it!! Although the sights would be beautiful!
We make it down to the shops and the lemons the size of your head...seriously! And we find ourselves on the coast, a somewhat sandy beach and tourists. Not as many as Capri, so that is good. Positano is absolutely wonderful. I think I could live here. The homes, hotels and restaurants are built right into the thankful I wasn't on that construction crew! But it is such an amazing sight!! The most beautiful view is from the boat. Everyone should visit Positano for an afternoon, it is truly breathtaking. What a way of life they live there, climbing stairs and uphill walks and swimming in the ocean. The rest of the afternoon is spent at our wonderful hotel pool. We have vino and birras by the pool and relax while we read books. We need a day of relaxing.

Tune in later to read about our trip to Pompeii
ciao, marie

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