Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Caden's baptism weekend

My parents and Jen and Brian came down Friday night, while Joe, Amy, Joey and their dog Molly came down Sat morning. It was great to see them and catch up and enjoy the little guys. We enjoyed a great meal on Sat night along with some great wine and stories of our past trip to Italy. It was fun to relive the memories and laugh our butts off! We also watched Get Smart and Mamma Mia over the weekend, both great movies! Hopefully you are not overwhelmed with all the pictures and the videos from this weekend. We hope you enjoy!

Dad tickling Caden's belly and making him laugh, how can you not love that laugh!

Proud Grandpa Joe and the sleepy little boy
The boys in their Browns gear

A video of Grandpa feeding Caden caviar...I mean peas. He started sitting in his high chair a few weeks ago and has been such a good eater. His favorites are peas, sweet potatoes and most recently bananas.

Brian, Joey, Me and Mark relaxing

Here is a brief clip of Joey playing peek-a-boo

Here is another of Joey having fun. When he gets tired he starts laughing and screaming, not in a bad way.

Grandma Ginny, Joey, Amy, Jen, Caden and Grandpa Joe

And for all you dog is a clip of Molly and Nia playing outside in the snow. They had a great weekend and were pooped by the time Sunday rolled around.

This past Sunday we had Caden's baptism at St Patrick Church in Troy. It was fantastic and such an experience. Caden was the only one baptized at the mass and he was like our little "king". We processed in with Father Joseph, sat in the front row, was baptized (and didn't cry!)and then Father walked him up and down the aisle to welcome and show him off to the congregation. It was great...he loved it! We had our families over to our house afterwards for lunch and cake and to see the little guy.

The Godfather, Brian
I love Caden's little outfit...he wore a silk suit that was probably not for the winter season. But he wore it well and enjoyed sucking on the blanket that kept him warm.

Godparents, Jen and Brian
Grandpa Joe, my brother Joe, and nephew Joey

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