Thursday, January 8, 2009

Playing with friends

We had Amy and Rob Winner (plus Andrew and Isaac) and Tricia Geiser along with her little one Kristin over to our house last Friday night for dinner and play time for the rugrats. Here are a few pics of the little ones playing nice. They all enjoyed the activity table that Caden got for xmas, although Isaac doesn't appear to be having fun. Going clockwise around the table...Caden, Andrew, Kristin with Amy, Isaac with Tricia and Nia of course. Nia couldn't get enough of the little ones, she wanted to be right there with her monkey, a new toy she got for xmas. Andrew is great for getting Nia ready for when Caden will be running around.

The three munchkins lying under the activity mat. They loved the dangly toys and the mirror.

Isaac and Caden, so freakin' cute!

The three of em'

Kristin trying to steal a kiss during tummy time!

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