Friday, January 30, 2009

25 weeks

It is starting to get harder to take these weekly pictures now that Caden is taking more interest in paper.

Caden with his new favorite teether toy, yes that is a rubber spatula. He has figured out that if he rests it on the countertop he won't really have to hold it. He is so slobbery (is that a word?) these days, just waiting for that first tooth to come in!

Here he is up on all fours and trying to crawl. He has pulled his butt up and gotten onto his knees a few times, but I try to help him get up there and then he holds this position for a few minutes. So far he doesn't really move his hands/knees, but he has started the rocking maybe crawling isn't too far off. His motivation here was to get to Nia...we keep telling her that one day he will catch her.

After 11 inches of snow (and some ice) over 2-3 days, our neighbors were nice enough to come over and clear off our driveway for us. I knew that Bill was coming over, but then i looked out the window and saw 3 men working on the driveway, 2 Bill's and 1 Bob. And Ruth came also to shovel and take Nia over to their house to play with Ben, the yellow lab.

After the fabulous surprise clean-up on our driveway, Mark and I took Peanut Butter cookies and beer around to the neighbors alone with a visit from Caden. This is Caden's first big snow and trip out to see what winter is like in Troy, OH.

Dad and Caden
Here is our snow bunny in his snowsuit.
After the trek to three houses, we ended at the Barney's house and stayed to warm up by the fire and have a glass of wine. Ruth and Bill are the best!
Also...update on the Reed baby. Kyley is due today, but has not had their baby yet.
I will keep you posted!

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