Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trip north

We made a last minute decision to go up and see my family this past weekend. It was a whirlwind trip as always, but we enjoyed every minute of it! After 6 months of traveling up there, this was the first drive that Caden did not enjoy. Usually we drive straight up there with no stops, unless Mark drinks too much coffee then we have to stop for him to go to the bathroom. The Envoy pulled over somewhere off of Rte 30 for an "emergency" feeding session and for the whole carload to go potty (nia included!). Then we were on our way again. We drove up on Friday after Mark got out of work and made it over to Amy and Joe's around 8pm. Thanks for the delicious stirfry you guys, and for keeping Joey up to see us and play a little bit. He is amazing at crawling and pulling himself up...Caden was taking notes on the crawling bit.

Saturday we enjoyed a lazy morning/afternoon with the everybody and then went over Corrie & Shawn's for dinner and drinks.

Midway through the party we went over to see my cousin Anthony and his now fiancee, Maren! Congrats! They just got engaged on Wed or Thurs of last week! We are so excited for you guys and cannot wait for the celebration!

Caden, Shawn and Corrie

Corrie with Maddie and Scarlett

Karen, Me, Mark, Caden and Shawn
(oh and Karen is not prego...she has her MiniDoberman, Sophie, in her sweatshirt sleeping.)

On Sunday, my Aunt Marie and cousin Laurel came over to my parents house for a little bit. It was great to see them and enjoy a little lunch and a few laughs.

Here is Jen, Mark, Laurel, Brian and Caden...we were watching him try to crawl.

Caden trying to figure out the crawling thing

My Aunt Marie (my mom's sister) and Caden

I couldn't resist putting this video up tonight! Caden absolutely cracked me up on Monday. At lunch he realized that he could make a loud noise by slamming his toy down on his high chair. It was so funny to watch his face go from serious and concentrating and then he would get startled by the noise he just made and laugh! I can watch the video over and over again!

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