Saturday, February 28, 2009

29 weeks and a little good luck!

Hello everyone! We have enjoyed the winter and the ups/downs of the temp, but are definitely ready for spring already! Mark has been having sinus issues the past couple days and we are hoping that it is just the change of weather and not the flu! No offense, honey, but it is a good thing Caden and I are on our way to Florida to give you a few days to get better! Caden and I leave Sunday morning around 6am on a flight to Ft Myers, FL. Unfortunately we have a connection in Atlanta, so I am hoping for good weather, open seats, no delays and a happy baby! I just don't want to be the lady on the plane that nobody wants to sit next to! Wish me good luck! My parents are already down there and will be picking me up from the airport so that is a relief. Mark will be joining us on Wed evening. I am sure there will be a few funny stories out of this little trip, so stay tuned to hear all about it! Here are a few pics from the past week or so.

My mom's bday was this past Wednesday, so we decided to take a picture for her! Boy was that tough to keep Caden from eating the sign! He cannot resist the sound of the crinkling paper!

When Mark and I took our trip up to ME, NH, VT before Caden was born we picked up this baby spoon at The Bowl Mill in VT. Sadly, the company will be closing after over 100 years of service. We love our bowl, tongs and the baby spoon that we got there and are sad to hear the news. And you can see below that Caden does enjoy the spoon!

Here is a picture of the final cake in my cake decorating class. Yes, it is a little cheesy with the "I love you" but with no birthdays or anniversaries or anything I couldn't think of what to write on the cake! After I return from Florida I will be starting Course 3 (2nd isn't offered in March) which will teach me Tier cakes and Fondant so look for some fancy cakes to come!

We were at Dave/Clarice's house for Scot's bday dinner last Sunday. Here is a pic of Izzy and Maddie performing a musical for me. The cat and the horse did a fantastic job, they are such good jumpers! These girls are hilarious and are really starting to grow into their has been so fun watching them grow up! They are such good big sisters to Payton!
Caden wishing Uncle Scot a happy bday!
Dad and Caden waiting to chow down

Here is Caden at 29 weeks!

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