Friday, February 6, 2009

6 Months old!!

I cannot believe that Caden is 6 months old today, where has the time gone. Well, I guess the first two were an emotional blurr between getting used to our new life with the little one and figuring out what day it was due to lack of sleep. He has been a complete joy. Yes, there were times when I thought I was losing my mind but the good times definitely outweigh the difficult times. And one thing I kept telling myself was..."it won't last forever". I do remember a few nights in the beginning when we were up late at night trying to figure out what Caden needed, but instead of a meltdown I realized that as long as his needs are met (& he is not sick of course) that I will just rock and hold him. There will come a time that he doesn't want his mommy to hold him all the until then, I will enjoy every chance I get...regardless of the time of night. He has been a wonderful baby, we are so lucky and don't ever overlook that!

We love our boy!

Today we went to visit Dr Wilimitis for his 6 month checkup. Here are the stats.
Weight = 16pounds
Height = 26 1/2"
Head Circ = 16 1/2"

He has now figured out how to get up on his knees in the crawling position which is really great! Of course he doesn't quite understand how to move his arms/legs forward. soon.

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Nolan said...

Caden has changed so much since we have seen him. We will have to visit everyone in your area soon.