Monday, July 6, 2009

47 Weeks and Happy 4th of July!

47 weeks old

Last Wednesday, Mark finished with work and was home around 1:30pm. I had the car loaded up and ready to go, so around 2:15pm we got in the Envoy and headed down to South Carolina to visit with family. Dave and Clarice have a house down there, so that was the rendevous point for us, Dave/Clarice, Scot/Amanda and their three girls and Ryan/Liz and their two girls. After about 5 stops we finally rolled into Lexington, SC around 12:30am and got settled in. We spent the next couple days enjoying the sun, lake and baby pools. Thanks to Dave for a great firework show! And a big thanks to Dave and Clarice for having us down to SC! Here are some pics from the long weekend.

Dad and Caden checking out the lake
Mark playing badmitten with Maddie and Izzy
Miss Payton Grace chilling with Dad's hat on!

Baby Brooks (5wks old) napping in the shade

Izzy having fun in the pool with water gun
Caden and Great Uncle Ken (Clarice's brother in law)
Dad and Caden in Lake Murray
Caden is a little unsure of the life jacket

Dad and Caden playing in the baby pool

My boys with their hats and shades

Maddie, Amanda and Izzy on the boat at sunset
Scot and Payton
Mom and Caden getting ready to go out in the sun.
It is amazing that he didn't want to pull the sunglasses off!
Dad and Caden
Yes he was safe, but couldn't move too much!
Apparently Caden picked up a bug or virus or something while we were in SC. Here is a pic of the rash that he had on his face that soon spread to his body. One cranky 11month old makes for a long trip home and one tired mom. Is it possible to have a vacation from your vacation? I could go for that!

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