Monday, July 20, 2009

49 Weeks

49 weeks old
I try just about anything to get him to sit in that chair long enough so I can take a picture.

Caden, Great Grandma Schmidt and Grandma Marge

Trying to get Wendy to pose for a picture for Michelle, she wasn't interested in getting a pic with Caden. Here is our attempt.

Trying tomatoes from the happy box! They might be the sweetest tomatoes I have had in awhile! He really likes them!
Caden going through the grocery bags before I could put everything away.

Caden and Isaac banging on the window.
Rob, Caden and Isaac

Isaac in the pool!

Here the boys are enjoying the pool after dinner. And you can see Nia in the background hoping to get sprayed with the hose. Andrew enjoyed pouring the water on his head.

Rob and Amy Winner came over last week for dinner with their two boys, Andrew and Isaac. Here is Amy, Caden and Isaac.

Caden has figured out how to open the cabinets and has found his favorites! Here is a pic of Caden in the pots/pans cabinet. He likes to turn the pots and bite the handles.

I couldn't move this up, so here is a video of Caden eating cottage cheese off the countertop.

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