Monday, July 27, 2009

50 Weeks old

The one year milestone is creeping up on us! We got some good pics and videos this weekend of Caden talking or blabbering a bit more and also playing with his toys.

Now that my parents are back from Italy, they couldn't wait any longer to come and see Caden...well and us too I guess. Here are the boys: Grandpa Joe, Caden and Dad sitting at the bar in our kitchen. This is Caden's new favorite place to sit because he can see what I am doing in the kitchen and check out all the cooking going on.

Me and Caden chilling on the driving range

Grandma Ginny and Caden at the driving range watching Grandpa hit some golf balls.
Cool cats in their sunglasses
Waking up from a nap and raring to go!

Caden is getting ready to turn one!

Caden has been pushing this toy around the house for weeks, but this past weekend it was the frist time he decided to ride the toy. His feet can reach the floor now, I guess!

Enjoying a pear popsicle with Grandpa Joe

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Jaclyn said...

Cannot believe that Caden is almost one. I love the idea of him sitting at the bar watching you cook, how cute!