Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Girls weekend getaway!

After a couple months of planning, my mom, sister, sister-in-law and I finally found a weekend that worked for all of us to getaway for a girls weekend! There was some talk about going to Vegas, but decided that we would rather drive instead and could only think of one other place that was pretty much the exact opposite of Vegas.
Destination: Nemacolin Woodlands Spa & Resort in Farmington, PA
On Friday, Marge came over to watch Caden around noon (Thank you, Marge!) and I was on the road around 1pm for my trek to my "happy place"! From Troy, the GPS stated the spa was a little less than 5 hours, but took me about 4 1/2 hours. (From Cleveland area it is about 3 hours or so.) My mom, Jen and Amy arrived at the spa first and headed down to the pool after check-in, meanwhile I am driving through a complete downpour! The weather was not great while we were there, but does it really matter when you are at a spa?!?! I didn't care if I went outside all weekend! So I finally arrived around 6pm and quickly checked in and looked for our room. Luckilly i ran into my fam and they helped me find the room. We went upstairs to drop off my stuff and then made it down to The Tavern for dinner. Delicious ham & potato soup, followed up by a great chicken salad with toasted cheese and raspberry vinaigrette. I am sorry, i just love the food at this place! You are going to have to put up with my descriptions. I almost forgot that after dinner we took a shuttle ride around the grounds to check everything out. The driver took us through the zoo area (part of Nemacolin still) to see the lions, moose, bears, mountain goats, buffalo and zebra. Didn't know that we were going to the zoo without the kids...

Saturday morning, thank you to the blackout curtains, we slept in until 8am. Our spa packages started at 10am which was perfect, still time to get a little breakfast. We headed down to the spa around 9:30am to get checked in and to relax and chill in our robes! It was so nice to just sit and enjoy the quiet music and drink our cucumber water. We all had the same package consisting of a massage, body scrub, facial and manicure. It was nice to meet up between services and see how we all made it into that relaxed zombie state.
(might have been the best massage I have ever had!)
After our day at the spa, we spent a little time by the outside pool and then the inside pool and then just enjoying all the spa products they have available for you in the locker room. Afterwards we went to the room to get ready for dinner at Aqueous. We were staying at the lodge and took a short shuttle to dinner at Falling Rock.
Amy, me and Mom at Falling Rock hotel (part of Nemacolin) before dinner
the sisters
Leader board at golf course
Aqueous, looking out onto the golf course
Now for those that want to know about the food. I had a great Filet mignon "au poivre" with a brandy peppercorn sauce and a bernaise sauce. (Au Poivre means covered in peppercorns and brandy and flambed.) Alright, I spoiled the baby and also had the baked lobster bisque. And then we all split a few desserts. Lemon cheesecakes with a blueberry sauce, a peach cobbler-type dessert, and 4 mini-scoops of ice cream (watermelon mint, orange basil, roasted banana, and Guiness!). Yes you read those right and they were all delicious!
On Sunday we slept in and decided to go down the road a little bit for breakfast. We went to the Summit Inn Resort and had a hearty breakfast before our journey home. The view from the front of the resort was beautiful...we even think we may stay here next time and then travel 10miles to spend the day at the spa at Nemacolin.
It was nice to get away for a little bit and give Mark an entire weekend with Caden. They had a great time and were all over town visiting friends and family. (No pics of their weekend, sorry.)

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Kristin G said...

Wow, Marie! That sounds fabulous! I would choose this place over Vegas anyday.