Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, Caden!

I cannot believe it but our little boy turned one! Unreal, where does the time go. Lately I have been chasing this little boy around all over. I hate to put the gates up to block his exploring, but man can he crawl fast and I am not moving as fast as I did before...therefore...the gate at the stairway is almost a must! Caden is getting closer to walking, but hasn't officially started walking yet. He loves to walk behind his toys and push them all over the house, but is not totally confident in his skills yet. After a HOT but wonderful weekend, we have a lot of pictures to share and now a little one year old!
The birthday boy (prior to cake)
Caden's construction cake. He loved the trucks on the cake and loves to push them around the house now!

Nia hoping that some cake might fall down

After the initial shock of the cold water, I think Caden was numb. He played in the sprinkler for about 30mins and was just soaked!
In the sprinkler with Uncle Brian
Hugging his cousin Joey
Grandma Marge, Grandpa Tom and Great Grandma Schmidt with Caden

Aunt Jen and Uncle Brian with the fam
After the sprinkler and relaxing with a new book and grandma Ginny
curly mohawk
the boys taking a bath
Nia thought it was a little hot this weekend!
Caden loved his new police rocker that makes great noises!
(thank you aunt Amy, Uncle Joe and Joey!)
Maddie and Izzy playing on the hammock with Papa Dave
proud parents with their little one yr old
Aunt Jen with Caden and his balloons
After getting ready for bed, Caden showed Joey one of the best cabinets in the house. And then they proceeded to unload all the ziplocs, one by one. How can you stop them when they are having so much fun?!?
Enjoying a cocktail on friday night
Joey absolutely loves watermelon and couldn't wait to dig in!
Grandpa Joe and Caden picking tomatoes in the garden
Tomatoes, cucumbers and banana peppers Our boy loves tomatoes! Anytime we walk out to pick veggies in the garden he immediately wants to grab for the tomatoes.
love this pic of Caden looking up at his Grandpa Joe, too cute!
Caden loved his new wagon from Grandma Ginny and Grandpa Joe! He couldn't wait to go for a ride around the neighborhood! He was like a little king riding around the neighborhood.

Before bed Joey can get a little crazy, I just had to catch in on tape. He was throwing his body on the ground and all over the place. Too funny!

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Theresa said...

Sounds like a great birthday weekend and very proud parents! Hard to believe he's already 1! Congrats! Miss you guys!!!