Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Joe!

Last weekend Caden and I drove up to see my family. Mark had a bachelor party and it was my brother's bday on Aug 20th and my parent's anniversary on Aug 18th, so it worked out for us to leave on thurs afternoon and get up there in time for a storm and some dinner.
Here is a pic of my sister with Caden and Joey.

Caden's new helmet, thanks Aunt Jenny!

Grandpa Joe reading stories with the boys

Reading with Joey

At Perkins for breakfast after church
The boys were doing so good taking turns riding in the coupe.
We spent most of the day on Friday and Saturday working our tails off at Jen/Brian's condo trying to get it ready to sell. Apparently mom and jen think that I am some expert "home stager", not so much. I just know that too much stuff displayed makes it hard to show a home. Caden was such a good boy while we were over there. He took his naps in the pack n' play in the master bedroom and got up to play, eat and get into as much of Jen/Brian's stuff as possible! Definitely not kid proofed, but he was able to find some fun things to play with. Saturday morning we stopped in Hudson at the farmer's market and it was so nice! They had music and so many different types of vendors. Caden loved all the dogs that were there and of course trying all of the produce, thanks to Grandpa Joe. I picked up some pomegrante balsamic vinegar but could have bought a lot more, maybe next time.

Caden and I stopped to see my cousins on the way back home. I hadn't met the twins yet and they are now 4 months old! Way over due! Meghan (cousin-in-law expecting in early Dec) with Tyler, Stephanie (cousin) with Kennedy and of course us. Caden spent most of the time chasing their little Corgi dog does he love dogs!
When we got home we were out in the yard setting the sprinkler up to water the grass seed and Caden couldn't resist putting his hands, then head then whole body in the water. Doesn't take much to make him happy...even cold sprinkler water.
Dad and Caden checking out the sprinkler

Some garlic from the garden

After not picking tomatoes for four days, I spent Monday picking 6 bowls full of veggies, and boy did my back pay for it on Tuesday. Needless to say I have been working like crazy to use up the tomatoes before they go sauce, pasta sauce and I even made some ketchup! I hope to try to make some gazpacho also!

Ichiban eggplants, jalapenos and green peppers from the garden

I went to the Doctor on Monday and the baby is doing good. I am measuring at about 28cm and the heartbeat was 135bpm, he/she even kicked the nurse's tool as she was trying to get the heartbeat! The baby has been kicking so much lately and is definitely slowing me down a bit, or maybe it is the combo of the pregnancy and chasing a little crawling munchkin around.

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