Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Busy weekend!

Last week my old Americorps friend Peter and his girlfriend Nola came for a quick visit on his way back to Baltimore. Here is Nia trying to get into the picture! Caden, unfortunately was sleeping during picture time.

On Friday, our wonderful neighbors Bill and Ruth invited us to go to the Dragon's baseball game in Dayton. Caden's first baseball game! He absolutely loved Heater and Gem the Dragons and all the dancing and music. We ended up leaving early from the game due to rain and a sleepy boy, but we did stay long enough to get Dippin' Dots!

On Saturday we loaded the car up early and left around 10am to go down to Newport on the Levee. The Aquarium only allows strollers on certain days/times, so he rode around in the backpack with Mark while at the aquarium. He loved being so close to the fish and couldn't stop pointing at everything! It was great!

Little boy sleepy after lunch, but ready to push on through for the Duck tours!

Our vehicle/boat and captains

Dad and Caden as we go into the water
Nice view of Cincy
Caden with Duck quacker

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