Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor day weekend trip

On Friday we drove up to South Bend, leaving Troy around 10am or so. It was great, Caden slept part of the way up there and we made it up there in about 4 hours. We got up there, checked into the wonderful Ivy Court (although expensive, it was worth every penny for the convenience and location), called my cousin Rosemarie and met up with her as we walked around campus. Then we met up with Mark's cousin Derek and saw his amazingly tight dorm room (I don't miss those days, but it does bring back memories). We made it to the soccer game on Friday night, then tailgate and football game on saturday night, then mass on sunday morning and we were on our way home. Another whirlwind weekend, but so much fun. Here are some pics to share and hopefully I will have more to add since my family was sure to get some other shots.
Caden and Dad in front of "Touchdown Jesus"

Caden enjoying crawling around on Friday afternoon. He is not walking yet, but it won't be long now.

We forgot to get a picture with Derek (Mark's cousin who is a freshman at ND), but we did pose in front of his room that is also Regis Philbin's old dorm room.

Caden, Mark and Touchdown Jesus
No pics of my cousin Rose, but here is the brand new stadium and the lockerooms in the background. They opened the stadium up for this game against UNC even though the stadium/lockeroom are not done yet! Unfortunately the Irish couldn't pull off a win agains UNC, maybe next time! I can't believe that I didn't get any pics of Caden in his ND jersey, hopefully some of my fam did. He was a trooper at the soccer game although delirious and flirting with the girls behind us, he was funny showing them all his "tricks". He has proven to be a pretty good traveler and along with the sound machine and pack n' play he can sleep just about anywhere.

ND vs Nevada
Gooooo ND!! We watched the soccer game Friday night and then got up Sat to join the crowds to tailgate. The boys were real troopers the entire day. Many thanks to Aunt Mary and Uncle Tom for the great seats (in the shade), a fantastic tailgate setup and to JulieAnn for watching Caden while we went to the game! You guys are the best!

The fam enjoying the football game.
Amy, Joe in back row and Theresa, Grandpa Joe and Joey

BABY UPDATE: I went to the doctor on Tuesday and everything is still looking good. Baby's heartbeat was around 150bpm but the baby was moving so much that she was having a hard time getting a good reading. I am feeling good, just slowing down a little more. This week I have started to feel a little short of breath now that the baby is getting bigger and interfering with my lung capacity. It is hard to believe that #2 will be here soon it has definitely creeped up on us! Bring it on!

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