Monday, September 14, 2009

Videos of Caden

I found some videos that I forgot to post and thought I would share them. Caden is doing great, had a case of the sniffles this week but has still been pretty happy and fun, not too cranky. Mark and I are doing well, just getting ready for the party this weekend. Baby #2 is growing and moving a lot lately! I am feeling good and just trying to remind myself to take it easy when i can, which is hard to do! And now for the videos...enjoy!

Caden hugging Nia

Joey and Caden dancing

funny laugh

Caden thinks it is hilarious when we chase him or when Mark scares him from around the corner.

Lately, Caden has been very in tune to what he is hearing. He hears the airplanes, trucks and school buses and automatically wants to look in the air or out the window to see them. He also gets so excited when Mark comes home from work that he either races to the front door/window to see him or screeches and claps when he sees him come around the corner. It is so funny and great to see him get so excited!

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