Friday, December 5, 2008

17 Weeks

17 Weeks old
We went to see Dr Wilimitis today for Caden's 4 month well-check. According to the doc he is doing good and has no complaints. He gave us the go ahead to start cereal and fruits/veggies!! I am so excited!!! Maybe in a few weeks I will regret the excitement when the food is on the walls/floor, but for now I cannot wait! The shots were not as bad as the first time, but he still would rather do without them! The oral one wasn't so bad, he actually enjoyed it! But then it was followed up by 5 pricks to the thighs! Yikes! It is hard to watch the little ones go through that. But at least you know that they won't remember. For those of you that are anxious to know his you go!

Height: 24 3/4" (50%)

Weight: 14lbs 5.6ounces (50%)

Head circum: 16" (15%)

Again, he told me not to worry about his pea sized is only because we (Mark and I) do not have big melon-heads which only means that...we wear small hats! So for all the grandparents, do not worry the Dr has assured me that it is okay.


If you get a chance watch Notre Dame vs. Stanford in Women's Soccer at 4:30pm today on ESPNU/ESPN2/ It is the Semifinal for the NCAA Championship. If Notre Dame wins then they will play on Sunday in the Championship Game! Cheer on ND and my cousin Rose #15! This is the only picture that I have (or could find) with my cousin at ND. She is behind me along the fence watching the ND men's soccer team last year.

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