Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas - round 3 and 4

Mark and I thought we would leave early, around 6am or so when Caden woke up to see Santa. Turns out he was beat as well and didn't get up until about 7:15am. So although we could have left at 5:30am(waking the baby up), it was nice to have a few more hours of sleep before we got on the road again. We made it no problem to my parent's house because the weather in Ohio this xmas was unseasonably warm. We had a fabulous lunch (kudos to the chef) at the house with everyone and then opened gifts afterwards.
My fam! Mom, Brian, Jen, Mark (with Santa hat), Joe, Amy, Joey and my Dad in the front. Caden was napping while we ate.
More pics of the boys with their elf hats and Grandpa Joe.

Grandpa Joe and Caden with his Santa pants on.

My boys in their footie pajamas

Our friends Kelly Foley and her mom Kathy came over for a visit and to meet lil Caden.

Sad to say that this is the only pic that we took at the Francis fam xmas. Caden was laughing and chilling on Daddy's belly. Below is a video of him laughing. I need to get some more pics from Clarice and Michelle, hopefully they got more than I did! We had a great time seeing Liz, Ryan and Elle who were up from SC. It seems that they brought the warm weather with them, since it was 65 degrees on Sat. It was fun to see Maddie, Izzy and Elle running around looking at all the gifts. The joy of Christmas through a child's eyes. Scot and Amanda are expecting #3, another girl, very soon! We cannot wait!

Here is Caden sitting in his big boy chair and xmas gift.

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