Thursday, December 11, 2008

18 weeks

Here is our big boy! Getting bigger everyday! He has been rolling over quite a bit lately. Now that he knows what is going on, it doesn't startle him so much anymore. Nia and Caden with our tree. It is hard to get a pic of them close together. So I just have to work the angles now.

Caden chillin' in the bumbo

When I went to get Caden up from his nap today this is what I saw...his little hand reaching out from under the bumpers. It just cracked me up. I wonder what he was thinking when I touched his hand but he could not see me yet.

On Tues this week we went to go see Matt, Krista, Miles and Scout down in Centerville. Thank you for having us over guys, we love the new house. Caden really enjoyed your new couch and tv setup, he thought he was a big boy and living the life!

Caden (18 weeks) and Miles (6 weeks)

It is hard to believe that Caden was that small a few months ago.

Matt and Scout, but no pic of the new mommy :(

Next time Krista!

Caden just started eating rice cereal. Every day he does better and better with swallowing the cereal. Also there is a video of him eating as well.

I finally got a picture of Caden rolling over in his crib. Its a little dark.

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Michelle said...

Awww little boo! Can't wait to see him again in a few weeks. Getting SOO big! :)