Friday, December 19, 2008

19 Weeks

Caden at 19 weeks!

He is talking/jabbering all the time now and loves to roll from tummy to back. While on his back he has also been arching his back and digging his heels in...maybe he will start rolling the other way now!
This is usually how we find him in the morning, sleeping with his hands behind his head. It really cracks me up!

Caden has been taking more interest in us while we are eating/drinking. Any cup/water bottle, etc he thinks is his bottle. Here he is trying to drink out of our Nalgene water bottle.

If you know Mark, you know how much he loves music! He is starting Caden early on the music and dancin'! It is a little dark. Also, anytime Caden sees the camera he will zone in and stare. Laugh and enjoy!

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