Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey Day!!!


On Wednesday we went to Dave & Clarice's house to greet Ryan, Liz and Elle! Here is Caden with his Uncle Ryan (unfortunately I do not have a picture with Liz holding Caden).

Uncle Scot, the mustache and Caden

Caden, Me and Aunt Michelle

He almost always wears a bib now due to the excessive amounts of drool! We had an early Thanksgiving dinner with Marge, Tom and Michelle in Versailles.

I love my Aunt Michelle! You cannot see it but his shirt says "I drool" with a dog on the front. Isn't that the truth!


Before we left to go to the Piqua Country Club for Thanksgiving lunch with the Francis clan we stopped at Dave and Clarice's to see if we could get a good picture of all the kids in their xmas outfits. They did pretty good...the key is to keep taking photos. 1 out of 50 has to look good or should I say decent.

Uncle Eric and Mark

Mommy and Caden

Elle (18months), Izzy (2 years), Caden (almost 4 months) and Maddie (4 years)


We went to visit my family in Aurora, OH and left Thursday night. After an entire day of running around, noise, and no naps...Caden finally crashed on the way up to Cleveland mid-meal. His "schedule" was a little messed up this weekend, but he enjoyed seeing everyone. Grandma Ginny, Caden and cousin Joey below.

I had to put this one in because it looks like little 8 month old Joey is waving.

Aunt Marie and Joey

Uncle Joe and Caden

Everyone watching football...even Caden!

Yes, that is Nia. Of course she made the trip with us! Here is a pic of Mark and Nia, brother Joe and Molly playing in the snow. Unfortunately we missed the majority of the snow...a lot of it had melted by the time we got up there.


My mom's side of the family came over to Aurora for "Stacky-Uppy" day on Saturday. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of them on our camera. My Aunt Marie and cousins Laurel, Bryan, Kim and little Sydney came over for a visit. We had a great time, ate too much of course, and played Catchphrase.

The newylweds posing for a picture. Jen/Brian were married Oct 18!

Uncle Brian and Caden

Grandpa Joe was singing "I want a hippopatmus for xmas" and Caden just couldn't stop talking. (I couldn't figure out how to rotate the video, sorry)

Grandpa Joe and Joey

Absolutely love the hat!!

My mom was rolling the ball to Joey and he thought it was hilarious.

Nia with her xmas bow and being a good girl. She was great on Saturday.

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