Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas - round 1

The LaGuardia family xmas party is the Sunday before Christmas, so we decided to drive a lot and see as many people as possible! We drove up to see my family on Sat morning, went to the LaGuardia family party on Sunday and then Mark took Monday off, so we stayed over another night at my parent's house. Usually we drive back to Troy after the party so we cannot stay very long, but this time we were able to stay later and chit chat with everyone. On Monday my dad babysat Caden for a few hours while we hit up some deals at the outlet mall. (oh, and some last minute xmas gifts)
Here is my Aunt MaryEllen with the boys.

My cousin Stephanie's son Jordan thought it was absolutely hilarious to try and sit Caden in this chair and put the Santa hat on him. He couldn't get enough!

Here are some pics from Saturday night. My Mom/Dad picked up this costume at Babies R Us and we couldn't resist putting the babies in the outfit and also with their xmas striped elf hats. Here is Amy with Joey

Here is our little chicken! He is just getting ready for Poultry Days 2009! (For those of you that don't know about P-days, check out the website
I love Caden's expression in this picture.
Here are the boys with their hats. Joey is getting ready to pull his off!
Caden was working on his 2009 planner with Grandpa Joe

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