Monday, December 15, 2008

Babysitters and "Don't move an inch!"

Eric & Mary Stucke got married in Findlay this past weekend which allowed us to have our first overnight trip without Caden. The wedding was beautiful and we had a great time and maybe even drank a little too much.
My sister and her husband came down to visit on Friday and then to babysit on Sat night. They were wonderful and Caden was on his best behavior...ok, he was so excited that they were here that he forgot his schedule and didn't take his nice long nap on Sat afternoon. I think Jen/Brian were looking forward to getting a nap themselves...but instead enjoyed spending more time holding Caden. Thank you so much Jen and Brian! We love you! It was hard to believe that we were so relaxed about leaving him for the evening. After over 4 months of taking care of our little boy it was bazaar to not have to care for him for 24 hours. It is amazing how much we love that little boy. Although tired, I couldn't wait to see him when we got back.
And it wasn't until we got back that I had my recurring dream/nightmare that Caden is lost in the sheets in our bed. Yes it may sound funny, but my poor husband may be sick of it by now. I woke him up Monday am around 2am because I swore that Caden was in our bed. After turning on the light, lifting up the sheets and telling Mark not to move an inch, I realized that yes I am crazy and yes Caden is still in his crib fast asleep. I look forward to the time when I don't have these dreams anymore.
Again, thank you Jen and Brian for watching Caden. We appreciate the fact that you drove down here to spend some time with him and chit chat with us for awhile. See you soon!

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liz said...

i had those dreams too! horrible! liz